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Quotes for Women

Be Inspired by Quotes from Famous Women

It is no secret that the battle for women to make it to the top of the ladder is a more difficult than it is for men. Even so, women all around the globe are making a difference in the lives of others. When they do, their words are remembered and used to inspire and motivate others to continue to make a successful difference in the world. If you are feeling bogged down by a competitive and fierce world, be inspired to change it with these quotes by famous women....(more)

The Best Twitter Pages to Follow for Funny Girly Quotes

From Lucille Ball to Carol Burnett, women have been making audiences last for decades. But in case you've forgotten that chicks are funny too, check out this list of re-tweet worthy female Twitter stars that brighten even a case of the Monday's....(more)

5 Famous Quotes About Women by Men

Women often complain that men do not understand them. It seems that certain great men understood a great deal about women. In fact, there are some great quotes about women that were made by famous men. Here is a look at some of the insights great men have had about women throughout history....(more)

Uplifting and Positive Quotes for Women

If you are having a bad day, or just want some meaningful words to reflect on, you will love these quotes. They can lift your mood, help you feel grateful, and give you a refreshing new outlook. These positive quotes for women are accompanied with a brief analysis. This will help you better understand the core message of the quote and help you apply it to your life....(more)


6 Inspirational Short Quotes About God

When life is confusing or difficult, human beings are more likely to think about God. They want answers and comfort. If you know someone who is struggling, you may want to lift that person's spirit with a reminder that God is there for him or her. Of course, going to a holy book, such as the Bible or Quran should probably be your first choice. But throughout time, mankind has mused on the concept of God, and these thoughts can also provide solace. Listed below are a few of short quotes about God....(more)

Five Inspiring Birth of Christ Quotes

Everyone knows that Jesus was born, and most people associate the Christmas holiday with Jesus' birth. However, most people, even Christians, agree that Christmas was not the literal birthday of Christ. The celebration is simply in honor of the event. It is an event that has captivated humanity for thousands of years and inspired many to follow Christ's ministry. Below are five quotes on the birth of Christ and what it means to be Christian in this modern age....(more)

Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes for Motivation to Exercise

Trying to lose weight and get healthy is a difficult process for a lot of people, but it is beyond worth it for everyone who achieves their weight loss goals. In order to help you get there, take a look at some of the most motivational and inspirational quotes that help you see your goal more clearly, rather than let you slide back into old habits....(more)

Hurt and Heartache

Avoid Hurt and Heartache with These Quotes for Saying You Are Sorry

One of the most difficult things to do is apologize. Whether you are truly in the wrong or made a mistake due to an accidental lapse in judgment, admitting you are wrong and feel sorrowful about your actions is not always easy. However, oftentimes, in order to save the relationship, the best things to do is throw away your pride and admit that you were wrong and made a mistake. That way you and the other person will be able to move past it and let it go. Some of these quotes about saying sorry may help you understand how to approach your apology....(more)

Notable Quotes About Sadness and Feeling Blue

When you are feeling blue, quotes are able to do wonders for your mood and self-esteem. Everyone in life experiences periods of sadness and periods of joy, though getting through the former is measurably more difficult. Whether you are feeling blue, quotes like these help cheer you up and relieve the burden of depression....(more)

5 Quotes About Breakup and Heartache

It's not hard to get your heart broken. Sometimes just falling in love is enough to do it. Be it a bad breakup or a divorce, when love shows its painful side, it hurts worse than ever. Sometimes words from books, people, and movies can touch people's hearts in a way that makes those feelings come to life. Following are some quotes that will speak directly to your broken heart....(more)